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All classes conducted on Saturday afternoon

 at Patrick Croke Oval, Melville Street, Kincumber. 

Registration is essential

Click here to request enrolment

Canine Community Awareness 8 week Program

You will own a dog that:

  • can go for a walk without pulling
  • will accept being petted by a stranger
  • shows good manners around people and dogs (socialisation)
  • can stand still while being groomed
  • can stay for a short time in the sit and down position
  • comes when called
  • waits until invited out of a car
  • can sit, down and stand during a short formal heeling routine
  • will wait until invited through a gate or door
  • can perform a simple trick

More advanced training classes including Agility and Rally are available upon completion of the initial course.

Dogs can progress in Agility training from basic level through to competition and really enjoy the challenge provided by the jumps, tunnels and contact obstacles.

Training for the new dog sport of Rally O includes obedience, agility and fun moves which are suitable for both young and older dogs as there is not any undue physical effort required. The handler and dog team negotiate a course by following directions on signs.

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